About Taylor

Taylor D. Waring
Writer / Poet / Rocker


University Wisconsin Oshkosh
B.A. English Literature
Philosophy Minor

Eastern Washington University
MFA Creative Writing


You Cannot Be Saved (2021)
that which speaks…(2020)
Merlock EP (2019)

Cruel Velvet

Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga EP (2018)
Reptoid EP (2017)


A Songbird in Flames (Thesis)
The 2River View
Mantra Review
Monzano Mountain Review
Oyster River Pages


Counting Crows
Doobie Brothers
Black Label Society


w/ Sleeping Village
w/ Oyster River Pages
w/ The Spokesman Review
w/ The Music Bugle

About Taylor

Taylor D. Waring is a multi-media artist currently based in Spokane, WA. Originally from Wisconsin, Taylor grew up with a passion for the arts and was an avid creator from a young age. Whether he was making up stories with his friends or staying up late writing, he always felt his best when he was creating.

After high school, he attended University Wisconsin – Oshkosh, where he had a highly successful academic career as an undergraduate. In his last two years, he joined the McNair Scholars program, where he studied the poetry of Octavio Paz and the effects of the 1945 Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on artistic forms. He traveled nationally to present his work at a variety of conferences.

It was also during this time that he returned to his love of poetry. This would eventually lead him to pursuing an MFA at Eastern Washington University, where he studied under poet Chris Howell, who happily nourished Taylor’s surrealistic leanings.

Since settling in Spokane, Taylor has written and performed in bands like the psychedelic doom metal band Merlock and goth rock band Cruel Velvet. These projects have offered Taylor the opportunity to play many shows, tour the West Coast, and provided him an endless creative outlet.

Most recently, Taylor has taken to photography and videography. After spending a year photographing an endless number of couches, Taylor has decided to use his skills to help out fellow creatives in their own pursuits. If you’re a creative looking to build your brand, let’s chat.