taylor d. waring

Writing make you wanna scream?
Wanna kick your prose into overdrive?
Make your e-book shred the gnar?

Ensure the lyrics to your next track are like, totally lyrical?

All you have to do is get into the rhythm of writing — and that’s what this dude is here to help you with. Whether you skipped out on high school to hit the road or just think in riffs and not words; whether you’re writing your first EPK or putting the finishing touches on your magnum opus; whether you’re still learning English or reading Crime and Punishment for the fourth time — I’m your dude.

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If you’re trying to grow in the industry, you’re probably on social media every day interacting with fans, emailing labels or playlist curators, or writing a bio your EPK. Whether you’re a musician, marketer, or taste maker, you’re writing all the time. This is to say that clear, concise, and energized writing has never been more important to grow in the music industry than it is right now.

So, whatever you’re doing or writing in the music industry, I’m here to be your writing dude.

About Taylor:

I’ve built my life around my two greatest passions: music and writing. After spending my twenties writing heavy metal records and getting liberal arts degrees, I decided it was time to turn these passions into a career.

Having spent most of my life pursuing poetry or heavy metal, I’ve had to work a variety of jobs to pay the bills: record store clerk, bar tender, English tutor, college educator, and as a marketing manager. As an independent, creative individual myself, I want to use my experience to help other creatives achieve success in their marketing and creative writing efforts.

If you’re working on building your dream in the music industry, but feel that your writing skills are holding you back, I’m your dude. Whether you need some quick edits on your EPK, in-depth feedback on your lyrics, or want a personal guide through the writing process — I’m your dude.


“Taylor’s work editing our book was invaluable. The attention to detail while editing, professionalism through the process, and turnaround time were all exceptional. I look forward to working with Taylor again on future projects.”
— Adam Bartlett, Gilead Media

“Taylor was a delight to work with! He’s super easy to get in touch with and a great editor. He really helped fix some longstanding errors in my book that I just wasn’t able to fix on my own. He helped elevate my eBook into something truly next level and I am so thrilled that I was able to work with him and craft a better product as a result.”
— Matt Bacon, Dropout Media

“Taylor is very responsive throughout the entire book layout process. As someone who does typesetting myself, I’m fairly demanding of the people I contract that work out to. Taylor worked tirelessly to tweak every detail to meet the high standards we set for the press.”
— Janaka Stucky, Black Ocean

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