Writing for the Musically Inclined.

Editing & Proofing Services

Ever have a teacher that was so clearly intelligent and knowledgeable in their field, yet totally SUCKED at teaching the subject matter? That’s because KNOWING YOUR SHIT and explaining it to someone else are two totally different skills. That’s where this dude comes in!

For a substantive edit, I’ll dive into your eBook and let you know where you might be losing your readers and give you solid guidance about how to bring them back. If you’re stuck, I’m happy to offer suggestions! Basic proofreading is included in this service, so no worries if you struggle with grammar, sentence structure, or have no idea how to use a semi-colon!

For a developmental edit, I’ll help you develop your book from raw idea into masterful prose. Whether you’ve got a full draft that needs love or a notebook full of random notes, we’ll work together until that baby SINGS.

If you’re pretty confident in your writing abilities and just want a quick proofread or copy edit before you release your wisdom to the masses, I can help with that too!

“Taylor was a delight to work with! He’s super easy to get in touch with and a great editor. He really helped fix some longstanding errors in my book that I just wasn’t able to fix on my own. He helped elevate my ebook into something truly next level and I am so thrilled that I was able to work with him and craft a better product as a result.”

— Matt Bacon, Dropout Media

“Taylor’s work editing our book was invaluable. The attention to detail while editing, professionalism through the process, and turnaround time were all exceptional. I look forward to working with Taylor again on future projects.”

— Adam Bartlett, Gilead Media

Cover Design & Book Layout

Cover Design

Every. Body. Judges. A. Book. By. Its. Cover. Don’t tell me you’ve never picked up an album because it looked rad and don’t tell me you’ve definitely thought twice about checking a record out cause it looked whack. The same is true for eBooks, so let’s make sure yours looks RAD. Check out my portfolio for examples!

A Basic Cover Design will feature a simple yet vibrant cover for your book. Included in this is 3 cover mock ups for you to choose from and 2 rounds of revisions on the final version.

If you’re working with an artist or have more difficult / advanced ambitions for your book cover, an Advanced Cover Design will be your go to. For this service, I’ll provide 3 mock ups to get your ideas flowing and provide 3 rounds of revisions to the final version.

Book Layout

Along these lines, the interior layout of your book matters whether its in print or digital! The way you transmit your message is often just as important as the message you’re sending (looking at you Black Metal). If your book is literally just a Word doc converted into a PDF, let me help you out with my layout service.

For a Basic Book Layout, I’ll provide you with three templates to choose from and typeset your book accordingly. In addition to the per page fee, a Document Setup fee is also necessary for me to get your book in tip top shape for the typesetting.

If you’ve got a more complex design, including pictures, graphs, or Surreal-leaning typography, my Advanced Layout Design is perfect for you. This option also includes a round of interior mock ups included in the Document Setup.

“Taylor is very responsive throughout the entire book layout process. As someone who does typesetting myself, I’m fairly demanding of the people I contract that work out to. Taylor worked tirelessly to tweak every detail to meet the high standards we set for the press.”

— Janaka Stucky, Black Ocean

Personalized Feedback & Guidance

Personalized Lyric / Poetry Feedback

The term “lyric” is derived from the poetic tradition of “lyrical poetry”, which spans thousands of years. Unlike riffs, which are gifted to us from the hazey heavens, lyrics can be incredibly personal and vulnerable. Because of this, many vocalists end up leaning into clichés and common tropes. If you’re serious about writing lyrics, but don’t have a background in poetry, let me help you out with some personalized feedback from a poet.

Long Term Writing Guidance

Receiving long-term, careful guidance is imperative for anyone trying to take writing seriously. Whether you want to overhaul the quality of your prose or learn to write razor sharp lyrics, you need to have someone there to give you honest, constructive criticism over the long term. We develop as writers by internalizing high quality feedback over the long term.

For this month-to-month service, we’ll have 4 half-hour sessions based in which I’ll assist you in any stage of the writing process. Whether you want to learn a bit more about grammar, study poetry, or improve your lyrics, this is you chance at a personal writing instructor.